This is not the average luxury villa made out of glass and stainless steel,marble and flashy lights,but a very peculiar place where each of the 3 suites as well as the living room and the terrace are decorated with real exceptional antique pieces from all over the world,as well as contemporary paintings and sculptures.

The house retains its Carribean style,with its colors and architecture,but on each walls or corners you bump into beautiful works of art.

The pool is very agreable and private with even a ceramic table inside to be able to enjoy a drink or some food seating in the water.’


The kitchen is not the average huge american kitchen with a lot of space,but its functional and has every kitchen ustensils you might need to cook a good meal.

The 3 suites are well separated which will give everybody its privacy and the ” colibris” humingbirds come to visit twice or three times a day.

If you like to walk to the nearest beach, “Lorient beach” it is only a five minutes walk,and if you want to go to the main town,”Gustavia” it is only a 10 minutes drive.

Have a wonderful stay at Art Villa “les Colibris”